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PhD Manners

The trouble in doing a PhD is (please help! I hope there are many of you voting up for the following points):

1. Building a rapport with your supervisor (but sometimes, you could get so confounded with your work that you have nothing plain and simple to talk about!)
2. Handling too many different things...all at the same time
3. Repeating experiments a dozen times to standardize, another dozen times when for no reason the method fails, yet another dozen times when a part or whole of the experiment could not be completed, another three times to get concordant observations
4. Trusting your observations (they could be out-of-the-world and sometimes make you think that it's been an artifact all the way)
5. Ignoring those colleagues who've been making a steady progress with work (have they never had problems? or do they have less work in all that they can manage stuff? or is it luck that favors them? ignore!!)
6. Anti-depressants (trying humor in between failed experiments! ridiculous??)
7. Wondering if all this would come to a nice end in 3-2-1 year/s (as appropriate)
8. Spiriting a "spirited" attitude (Help!!!)
9. Thinking about future (and papers!!!)
10. Wondering how Einstein/Darwin/Cajal enjoyed it!!

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