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Even as I write this post, jazzy beats of Rahman's best are booming into my ears and the acoustics banging on the delicate walls of my tympanum. Friday, end of the week...usually the worst day of my hectic week. As always, I came home from lab late in the evening sighing at the "little" progress I have made in my tough life as a pro-scientist. Phew! And then there was this terrible looking tiny apartment strewn with paper, food, wrappers, clothes and all crap that patiently withstood a week to be swept out into trash. It was way too much on my head to begin a weekend. In a trance, I sat in front of my dummy PC (no, it's got no life!) and aimlessly opened a weird collection of songs (I have no clue how I got them all together)...It was not a head start. A lazy tune in Hindi; people often call it "romantic" but well, on this occasion it had more drab than romance. More damage and more doom. I hadn't had the slightest energy to shut it off, bang it on the head or atleast change the song. It rrrrromanced on. And thankfully, in a few minutes came the next track...

Mom would only scream at us, dad and me, when such songs were being played; songs which can only be enjoyed by people with a certain elite sense of art and songs which are taboo in the opinion of classical musicians (a cadre to which mom belongs). But she never does realize that such music can be invigorating and can pop up your spirit to a better extent than can a high dose of anti-depressant. Well, this is exactly what happened now. In mom's words, a theru koothu with "what-dirty-lyrics?!" actually did revive my mood and prepared me for my weekend. Amazing is the power of beats, I mean it. Be it rock, jazz, hip-hop or ragtime, Music is indeed the best healer of a tensed mind. It can simply put everything at ease. And the moment I stand up and dance to such a "ridiculed" song, my mom cant stop but smile. That's Music!

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